O.R.  - Operation Room 

We Got You Media Productions is involved with new and exciting projects both in development and

in Pre-production.

Luv Matters project is in the process of being put together and produced for the second time after the

first successful event in August of 2016 by Ms. Marina Kufa the CEO and producer of We Got You Media

Productions and her producer Mr. Alex Lorre. The Luv Matters event is an charity event which raises

funds to support trauma victims of various categories. For example Luv Matters has supported different

accident victims whose life has been adversely affected and turned upside down, Families that don’t

have the physical and emotional and monetary support and funds to take are of themselves and their

unfortunate sick loved ones, their kids, dependants with different illnesses, homeless individuals and

families that whatever they do in life, still can not make the ends meet to even pay for their life

depending medical treatments and their medical bills.

Luv Matters team consists of professional and world known individuals in entertainment industry,

fashion industry and medical industry, sponsors and investors.

This is an excellent opportunity for every sponsor who is seeking a great cause to show their care for the

unfortunate and various victims of trauma and save the day at the end of the day.

Luv Matters project and Charity event always has open arms to welcome more sponsors to join our

group to support our great deeds and work together to be part of one team, together as one entity

support the same goal to care, to educate and to save lives.

One of the proudest projects that We Got You Media Productions is involved in is a Reality show “O.R”

(Operating Room). This reality show is about true events and real daily accidents in a daily lives in any

major city of United States. This series follows the accident victims from the scene of accidents to the

E.R and into the Operating Room. The progress of the trauma victims will be followed with the

physicians briefings and debriefings. The audience learn how to prevent and escape the similar

accidents. This show is mostly educational and audience learn how to consider the consequences of any

action we as audience take, to care for others and appreciate the health and life in whole as we face on

a daily basis.

We Got You Media Productions is also proud to announce that it is following the shows and

performances and events performed and orchestrated by the most advanced dancers and entertainers

and skilful performers in the world organized and directed by Dragon Entertainment in Las Vegas.

Short synopsis: In this new concept, we will bring you REAL stories from former trauma victims. As we follow them on their journey of suffering and self discovery, and relive their fight to survive the tragedy that changed their lives forever. Dramatic, suspenseful docudrama, geared to help you understand what the victims go through and give you hope that there is help while reuniting them with their saviors.

Producer: Marina Kufa and Alex Lorre





Luv Matters - For Trauma Victims

Short synopsis: Founded by our CEO Marina Kufa. This non-profit charity event is designed, to create awareness, and join together people from around the world, to help trauma victims and their family's. Join us for a wonderful evening, with some of Southern California's finest,  Artists, musicians, fashioners, models, actors and the people who make things happen.  This fun filled extravaganza is guaranteed to make your evening a night to remember.


Dear guests, friends and fans;

Please join us and show your support for the Trauma victims and their family's. All proceeds go to our non-profit charity fundraising program.  Admission costs are subjective depending on the event so check back often to get your tickets ahead of time.

If you are interested to be apart of our unique event, do not hesitate to ask us or send your request the link bellow to our inbox. Also if you have donations to be auctioned off at our events, would like to host one of our events at your venue, or be a sponsor please leave your information below and someone from our team will get back with you ASAP. 

Thank you forwarding. Your Team WGYM.

Producer: Marina Kufa

Past Hosts: Kaptain Leather, Ken Kiel, Damian De Langeron

PR / Editor: Michael Militsch, Tempast Wulf

Hollywood Photographer: Bob Delgadillo

Partners: District 13 Entertainment by CEO Andre Walters

Special Supporter: Rob Casey Souza founder by SSC - Secret Society Chopper

Next Venue: Newport Beach at the October 23, 2016

Collaborate:  Pacific Avalon Yacht Charter